Monday, September 5, 2011

WJC Men's & Women's Soccer Win Regular Season Openers

The William Jewell College women's team won 9-0 over Culver Stockton College on September 1st. The William Jewell College men's team won 2-1 over University of Sioux Falls on September 4th.

Photo: WJC junior forward Forrest McCurren (far left) looking at the ball he just headed in the goal for the game winner. Troy Green (upper left) supplied the assist. WJC men won their home opener 2-1 over University of Sioux Falls.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Blogging 'Bout 'Bama: WJC Women Finish Fantastic Season in Elite Eight...WJC Men Advance to Final Four!

Jefferson: Yesterday (Thursday) was a day of mixed emotions. WJC women lost in the Elite Eight. The women had a fantastic season and it's always disappointing when something so good comes to an end...but what a great season!...At the same time I was with the men's team at the Final Four banquet (and unable to be with the women's team)...Although the Final Four banquet was another very good experience...I wish I had been with the women's team.
On Wednesday the men's team had another thrilling win in the Elite Eight. Final Four game is at 6pm today (Friday). Very focused.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Blogging 'Bout 'Bama: 100% Pure Adrenaline...WJC Men Win!...WJC Women's Elite Eight Game Postponed to Thursday at 9am

Jefferson: "100% pure adrenaline"...Not only is that a line in the movie Point Break, but it's also a perfect description of the last 24 hours in Alabama.

The WJC men had a thrilling 3-2 win over Oklahoma Baptist on Tuesday night. After the game Cissell gave a strong speech to the men before leaving for an overnight trip back up north to meet up with the WJC women. Cissell arrived in Decatur at 2am. Not long before the women were supposed to kickoff (11am) their game was postponed to Thursday (9am kickoff). After a good morning meeting with the women, Cissell, WJC athletic trainer Jess Gracia and Dr. NightRider (see earlier blogs) headed back to Orange Beach. They should arrive around 4pm today (Wednesday). WJC men kickoff their Elite Eight game at 5pm.

p.s. My mobile phone's touch screen has not been working the past 3 days. I can receive calls and call out, but I can't return text messages. So sorry that I haven't been texting back. However don't hesitate to keep the texts coming. I'll get back to you soon!

Thanks for all your support! WE CAN FEEL IT!!!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Blogging 'Bout 'Bama: WJC Women: Rematches...Fabulous People of Decatur...Team Bonding

Kathleen Hunter: It’s a rainy Tuesday night here in Decatur, Alabama and we are all gathered with our wonderful parents in the conference room of our delightful hotel watching the boys whoop up on Oklahoma Baptist. Since we have been here we have been kicking some a$&! The fields are wet and soggy, but we can play on anything, even gravel! We took Kansas Wesleyan out on Monday morning and tomorrow we take on Baker! Coincidently, we are sharing a hotel with them. What are the chances of being in a hotel with a huge rival from home?! We have been plotting various ways to sabotage them, but, don’t worry, the mischief will stay in our minds, of course. We have found that the tournament sucks at breaking up teams from the same area. We have travelled all the way to Alabama to play 2 teams we have already played this year. We want to play someone new! Other than the sexy soccer we have been playing there is not much news. Decatur is not a very big city however Decatur does have Burlesque! The movie was packed with all the fabulous people of Decatur…okay, maybe just the Jewell soccer team, including Brad and Pops, and a unsuspecting family that had to endure all of our commentary. Some of us have now decided to learn all of the songs and dances from the movie, move to L. A., and become famous Burlesque dancers! So basically, we have gotten in lots of good team bonding since being here in Sweet Home Alabama. Can’t wait to play Baker Wednesday morning!

With love from room 330

Blogging 'Bout 'Bama: Madri Gras....LA...Dr. NightRider...Women Win!

Jefferson Roblee: Since our last conversation a lot has happened...all exciting and memorable. So the question is...Where do I begin? Let's start at the men's National Championships parade and banquet. The men had a Mardi Gras style parade (Mardi Gras started in Mobile by the least that's what we've been told 100 times...the people here in LA ((Lower Alabama)) are very proud). By the end of the parade every player had beads around his neck...and moods seemed to be very good. The banquet, like most banquets, had it's blend of awkwardness and joy but in the end it's a rich opportunity for all the teams to take a look at each other... Kind of like a pre-fight press conference for a title fight.

Before the men's banquet had ended WJC Assistant AD Joel Lueken (a.k.a. "The Transporter") drove me out of Orange Beach. Our destination...classified. WJC Athletic Director Dr. Darlene Bailey (a.k.a. "Dr. NightRider") was waiting for us at a secret rendezvous point. Dr. NightRider completed the drive to Decatur, Alabama...arrival time: 1:30am. In a few hours I would be having breakfast with the WJC women.

Game Day (wooo!): Breakfast with the women was good. The players had their game faces on was going to be a good day. The WJC women kicked off at 10:00am vs Kansas Wesleyan University (a team we beat 3-0 earlier in the season). Setting: The championship field was soft, the weather was a bit cold and there was inconsistent wind. We were victorious 1-0 over Kansas Wesleyan in a game we had to battle. Senior defender Sarah Williams scored our only goal from a free kick from distance. Freshman goalkeeper Kelli Sontag had a strong performace recording the shutout...including making a brave save in the final second of the game. Every player gave a determined effort in a satisfying victory over a strong KWU team. I could go into a lot more detail about the game...but from all the text messages, calls, voice mails and emails the team has received it's clear that everyone reading this blog was either at the site in Decatur, Alabama (we had awesome fan support at the stadium) or was cheering us on from the watch party in the cage at WJC (see earlier blog) or was watching via the internet. TO ALL WJC FANS....THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT! The coaching staff was very proud of the players and we're all excited about advancing to the Elite Eight and progressing on our Alabama Adventure.

Coach Cissell, WJC Athletic Trainer Jess Gracia, Dr. NightRider and I were all planning on having lunch with the women after the game in Decatur however the purchasing of championship merchandise delayed the women's lunch plans and forced us to hit the road before we could eat. We needed to be in Orange Beach by 7:30pm...we arrived at 6:54pm.